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Forum Magazine is the award-winning student publication of the University of Richmond, printing five times each year. As the only remaining print publication on campus, we aim to highlight the best people and projects making an impact on our campus, the Richmond Community, and the world. Forum Magazine is produced by a diverse and talented group of University of Richmond Students.

*Forum Magazine is a student publication. Content is created and published at the discretion of our staff and does not reflect the official views of the University of Richmond.

Spring 2017 Staff

Editor in Chief | Brooke Warner

Publisher | Dylan McAuley

Executive Managing Editor | Sabrina Escobar

Assistant Executive Managing Editor | Kevin Johnson

Editor At Large | Karissa Lim

Creative Director | Sofia Nicolet

Lead Writer | Kay Dervishi

Assistant Lead Writer | Abby Muthoni

Design Assistants
Kevin Johnson
Karissa Lim
Abby Muthoni
Sofia Nicolet

Rachel Bringewatt
Candace Hino
Katie Burke
Sabrina Escobar
Greg Hamilton
Sarah Laskowitz
Abby Muthoni
Kelly Ann Ocasio
Maggie Pope
Missy Schrott
Troy Springer

Online Reporters
Karissa Lim

Liana Saleh
Hannah Sullivan
Mariana Weber

Chelsey Davidson
Eric Jedel
Giselle Jin
Sofia Nicolet

Copy Editors
Chelsey Davidson
Kevin Johnson
Abby Muthoni
Kay Dervishi
Sabrina Escobar
Brooke Warner

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