Award-winning actor will share his story on campus


On Oct. 28, Modlin Center for the Arts will present Performing Your Life, a lecture by award-winning actor Jeffrey Tambor. He is known for his roles as twins George and Oscar Bluth in the cult comedy Arrested Development and transgender woman Maura Pfefferman in Amazon’s comedy-drama Transparent. According to the American Program Bureau website, not only is Tambor an extremely experienced actor, but he is also a talented speaker.

His website says: “We all have a ‘story.’ … It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your career, relationship or family. We all have a story to share, and we do it by performing our lives.”

In Performing Your Life, Tambor shares his story. Audiences will learn not only of his struggles in acting but also while growing up, according to the American Program Bureau website. Throughout his life, he dealt with mental health issues within his family. Tambor spares no details in his personal story so that he can connect with his audience. Through this type of honest storytelling, he also speaks about courage and self-awareness. Many find his talk inspiring and motivational. He encourages people to take risks and face their fears. However, true to style, Tambor is still able to weave in humor and endless entertainment.

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