Best of UR Showcase Preview: Christian Park

Have you ever met a Hawaiian? Someone who plays the Ukulele by the beach, works the pineapple plantations, and shirks responsibility to surf the pipeline? Well, our talent recruitment team has, and we are proud to showcase his musical talent during this year’s Best of UR Showcase.

Enter Christian Park – Hawaiian born, musical artist, surf and skate enthusiast, music and international business double major, and a freshman at our very own University of Richmond.

Back on the island, Park worked for a local pineapple plantation and was very involved in organic and sustainable farming. He built his own aquaponics system to grow multiple types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and would help the local farming community by helping others set up their aquaponic farming systems. Since coming to Richmond, Park’s involvement has shifted towards areas in trading and professional development.

Park has been singing and playing the guitar and ukulele for over a decade. He writes almost every song he plays, and usually keeps around five in his working memory at a time. Here at the university, Park has held multiple performances at CA Alternatives and is part of a jazz band. He has always set high standards for himself, even when he first started playing music. “I would never be able to play in front of friends or even parents… it was really hard to be proud of what I was playing,” Park said. Over time, however, Park has found a feeling of extreme gratitude when performing for others. “It is an honor to get to play for people, especially when they listen!” Park said.

The Best of UR Showcase is happening this Sunday, March 22, at 9 p.m. in Alice Haynes Room. To view other performers, event details, and free raffles, visit the Facebook event page here.

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