Forum’s Declassified Best-of-UR Guide

You’ve read all the pamphlets, scoured the website and clung to every word your orientation advisor said. If prompted, you could recite the University of Richmond’s total enrollment of under- graduate students, endowment and overall Niche rating. Like many rst-year students, you’re quite familiar with UR — on paper.

In reality, life at UR does not match up precisely with how it’s depicted, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Our campus, despite having fewer than 4,000 undergraduate students, is full of quirky traditions and favorite activities that both alumni and current students remember fondly.

You’ve got four years to explore the best things at UR, but we’ve been gracious enough to give you a head start by compiling a list of some all-time favorites.

Hopefully this list of URs best will show you to your favorite aspect about UR and spark your intrigue to keep exploring until you nd your new UR best.


DHall* mozzarella sticks
DHall chicken parmesan
Egg and omelette station
Midnight Munchies*
DHall peas
Lou’s* Red Pepper Gouda soup
Free food offered by student and academic organizations
Brunch in Carytown


Instagramming Virginia sunsets
Yellow bikes*
Walking or running around the lake
Lake wildlife*
Campus loop*
The gym*
Secret places around campus*
Proximity to touristic areas


Professors inviting you to dinner Ease of getting on-campus jobs Traveling on the university’s dime Thousands of books for research Research opportunities for everyone Heated classroom discussions Amazingly intelligent guest speakers*


VCU-Richmond basketball games
Homecoming concert
Free Modlin shows
Student Organization shows at the Pier*
Lodges* and theme parties
Downtown Thursdays*
James River tanning sessions Beach Week*


Free massages at the library
Two beloved mascots: WebstUR and Triceragoose
Virginia’s inability to cope with snow*
Class outside in the spring
Families walking their dogs on campus
Dogs during finals week


Forum Magazine’s UR Glossary

Beach Week: The week after spring semester nals, in which a majority of the campus migrates to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a week of much needed destressing.

Campus Loop: A free shuttle provided by the university to transport students around campus at night. It’s especially useful on cold winter nights when the walk from the library to your dorm is too far, or if you need to get to lodges but don’t feel like walking.

DHall: Abbreviation for the Heilman Dining Hall.

Downtown Thursdays: Fraternities rent out a club in downtown Richmond and shuttle people to and from campus.

Guest speakers: In the past, these have included Laverne Cox, the founder of Net ix and a Virginia state senator.

Lake wildlife: Westhampton Lake is home to various species of sh, geese, turtles and birds. Occasionally it will also house inebri- ated students taking a dip at night.

Lodges: Fraternity houses where fraternities host theme parties every other week. Lou’s: The salad, sandwich and soup cafe in the Robins School of Business.

Midnight Munchies: An event planned by the dining hall staff the Sunday before nals at the end of every semester. From 10 p.m. onwards, students vacate the library and migrate to the dining hall for an hour of snacks, music and dancing.

Pig Roast: Toward the end of April, all fraternities open their lodges during the day to roast pigs and welcome back alumni. Fes- tivities start bright and early — sometimes as early as 6 a.m.

Ring Dance: A Westhampton College tradition hosted in the Jefferson Hotel at the beginning of the spring semester, in which Westhampton women celebrate their achievements with friends and family members. What starts out as a classy affair usually turns into a night of debauchery for most upperclassmen.

Snow in Virginia: They simply don’t know how to deal with it. A single snow ake sparks the hope of a snow day or two.

The gym: Otherwise known as the Weinstein Center for Wellness and Recreation, the gym provides free membership and diverse classes to students, and is open late hours to accommodate class schedules.

Secret places on campus: UR is full of secret hallways, gardens and even tunnels. Check out Forum’s Summer issue soon to nd out more about them.

The Pier: The area of the student commons in front of Tyler’s. Many student organizations use it to create a myriad of shows, from Bollywood dances to stand up comedy routines.

Yellow Bikes: Bikes that are provided by the university for free to use around campus. They tend to be highly prized, so if you nd one lying around, don’t hesitate in picking it up.

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