The American Hitler

Author, Dylan McAuley, has since dissented the views expressed in this piece. View his follow-up piece here

I write to you today to say something very simple: I am ashamed. I am ashamed because millions of Americans masquerading as members of my own political party are propping up one of the most embarrassing men in our nation. I am ashamed because at this moment Donald Trump is the man deemed most likely to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States and it is truly appalling. I freely admit that, at first, Trump’s campaign was entertaining and, quite honestly, his frank tone and demeanor were refreshing. However, now is the time for seriousness; the time for fun and games is over. Trump’s increasingly shocking rhetoric no longer seems to be just for shock value, but rather it now seems to draw upon legitimate belief. Donald Trump’s disgusting, horrific, and unacceptable statements about women, Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, foreigners, gays, and anyone else who is not himself have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt of something that I do not say lightly: Donald Trump is the American Hitler.

It is far too common for Americans to compare politicians to Hitler simply because they disagree with their positions on issues, however, the facts back up my claim quite clearly. Donald Trump’s similarities to Hitler are no coincidence, in fact his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, has confirmed that he even kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside during their marriage. Adolf Hitler came to power on a promise of restoring power and strength back to a fractured Germany. Donald Trump has insisted that he will “make America great again.” Hitler ran his campaign for power on the promise of deporting the Jews whom he accused of being the source of Germany’s woes. Donald Trump promises to deport all illegal immigrants no matter the circumstances to fix our problems. Hitler relied upon creating a cult of personality to legitimize his power expansions. Donald Trump constantly reminds the world of how great he is and that we are lucky to have him. Hitler used extremist, racist rhetoric to gain followers. Donald Trump has simply followed in his footsteps. Hitler realized that the mass deportation of Jews was simply impossible and resorted to enslaving and murdering them. What will Donald Trump do when he realizes that it is impossible to deport the 12 million people living in the United States illegally?

This week Donald Trump promised to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, completely disregarding the Muslims who serve in government, their communities, and, most importantly, put their lives on the line to defend the freedoms and values that Donald Trump claims they despise. Donald Trump ignored the contributions of these Muslims because they have done more for our country than he ever will. This is not to say that radical Islam is not a problem; it most assuredly is and must be dealt with in a more significant way than the current administration has promised to do. However, the proper response to the satanic, evil caliphate ISIS’s attempts to destroy our values is not to willingly abandon them. Now more than ever we must stand by our values, including the one that led our Founding Fathers to create the greatest country the world has ever known: freedom of religion. More crucial, we must not turn against our fellow Americans, because if we do so, then we have lost the war. Rather than turn on everyone we can, we should work together in pursuit of our shared American values so that we can stand against ISIS as a united force, rather than the fractured, divisive nation that Donald Trump wants.

Members of the Republican Party are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs both at home and abroad, and we are not alone. If Republicans truly want the change that we seek then we must stand up to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not a Republican and he does not deserve the protections of Reagan’s “11th Commandment.” We can no longer stand by and allow this to continue because we fear Trump’s wrath; his possible third-party bid is irrelevant. Instead, we must call him what he is: a tyrant and a bully. We cannot let this man represent us and we certainly cannot let him represent our nation. A man whom will work with no one will accomplish nothing more than embarrassing us on the global stage, a reality that has already begun, which will only further diminish our power and prestige in the world and will allow powers like Russia and China to rise. Donald Trump’s statements are no longer the refreshing rejection of the politically correct culture that Republicans, including myself, abhor; his statements are now a reflection of pure hatred and his fear of new or different ideas.

If the Republican Party chooses to nominate Donald Trump, a decision that I still do not believe will be made, then I must advise that Republicans do something I never thought I would do: stay home on election day. Donald Trump is not a Republican and he certainly does not, and never will, represent me. Republicans stand for free-markets and personal liberty. We believe in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and that individuals can make better choices for themselves than the government can. We believe in creating a system in which all Americans can rise up rather than being compelled to rely on the government permanently. We believe that all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and economic status deserve a government that will allow them to reach their fullest potential. We believe in the dignity of all people, while Donald Trump only believes in dignity for a few. If Donald Trump is the nominee, I will not vote for him and I implore all Republicans, and all Americans, to make the same declaration today. If you value your rights, your freedoms, and your country, you will join me. These are not the statements of a so-called biased, left wing, mainstream media pundit. These are the statements of a proud, long-time Republican who is tired of this fraud.

Donald Trump’s sole claim to being qualified for the Presidency is that he is “really, really, really, really smart” and thus exceedingly wealthy. Good for him, I do not dispute his business acumen, despite his numerous corporate bankruptcies. However, there is more to being President of the United States than being wealthy; I know there are plenty of wealthy people whom I would not want to be President. Presidents need to understand complicated aspects of foreign policy, but Donald Trump does not even know who the leader of ISIS is. Presidents need to have plans to fix our nation’s problems, but Donald Trump does not have plans for anything other than building the Great Wall of Mexico. Most importantly, Presidents of the United States have to care about the American people and our values, but Donald Trump openly dismisses almost all of us and thinks we are too stupid to support him.

Many Americans no longer believe that it matters who the President is and are, thus, willing to give Trump a chance because he is different, but the implications of electing this man President of the United States are truly dire. President Trump will weaken our economy, will destroy our strongest alliances, will cause wars and suffering, and will throw away the values that make America great. This is not a game anymore. It’s time to wake up and take this seriously. Donald Trump is an entertainer, but I am no longer entertained. Instead, I am ashamed that we expect this man to make America great again through racism, sexism, xenophobia, and bigotry. I choose to believe that America is already great and does not need the unwanted assistance of Donald Trump.

I do not compare Donald Trump to Hitler lightly, but we must look at the facts. The same steps that Hitler took are being taken again by Trump and we cannot let humanity’s fatal flaw of failure to notice the repetition of history to allow him to continue. I see no argument to suggest that Donald Trump will stop upon his election and I fully expect him to abuse his office so that he can accumulate even greater power, but what disturbs me most is that people will cheer him on as he does so. It is for this reason that I find the comparison to be apt. Hitler’s regime was once unimaginable in Germany and it seems unimaginable in the United States of America, but it truly could happen here. Donald Trump should not entertain you, nor should you rally behind him. You should fear the prospect of him becoming President of the United States. Donald Trump will come for the Mexicans, he will come for the Muslims, he will come for the blacks, the women, and the gays, and one day he will come for you too. The American Hitler will not stop until he is the last man standing.


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